Owner Builder offers an incredible experience in building your dream home — but don’t take our word for it, read our customer testimonials below.

Working with Bill Martin is amazing, there are not enough words to express our satisfaction and gratitude. Bill stepped in to complete this house after I found it necessary to part ways with my original contractor. Bill understood my plans and also my budget. He has made suggestions and offered ideas which have surpassed my original vision for this home. Bill and his crew are extremely professional and communication is outstanding. If my husband and I ever decide to build another home, I am calling Bill.

The Clarke Family

Mr. Bill and his team are absolutely amazing and a joy to work with!! Yes, I said JOY!! My husband, Drew Lewis and I had been dreaming of our future home. We had a very specific look, feel, and details that we wanted in our home. We had worked with an architect to draw our plans, but pricing came in WAY OVER budget. I was devastated that we would not yet be able to build our dream home and cried myself to sleep that night. My husband’s coworker built their home with Mr. Bill and urged us to at least talk to him. My husband and Dad met with Mr. Bill to discuss our dream home and the program. After leaving that meeting, my Dad said that we would be crazy not to build with him (he is a hard man to please too). In seven short months we were moving into our home. Mr. Bill, Drew, Ashlin, and their team did an amazing job! They were so easy to work with and walked us through the process. They were always available!! We ran into one major issue with our build – the center beam of our living room was put up at a height of 14 feet instead of 18. Mr. Bill came out to look at it and agreed that it had to be raised higher…NEVER did he hesitate. He never told me it could not be done, never mentioned that it would set us back, and never mentioned cost. I feel like most builders would have told me that it could not be done or tried to talk me out of it. Not Mr. Bill. He said “You came to me with specific plans for your home. This is the main feature of your home and this ceiling height will not cut it. I do not want you to look back and regret not raising the beam height.” Not only did Mr. Bill give us our dream home at a price that we could afford and were willing to pay. The process was seamless and easy!! 

Drew & Amanda Lewis

Had such an amazing experience with Owner Builder! I LOVE MR BILL!!!! Oh, and I love Ashlyn too! I was able to build my dream house and stay within the budget I can afford. Anytime I had an issue or felt the slightest bit of stress Mr. Bill came to the rescue. And… he always answered my calls!!!! Go figure! If you are considering building a home, this is where you go. I may have to call Mr. Bill every now and then just to get a pick-me-up bc there’s nothing like hearing “Hello, Sunshine” every time you call.

Emily Jolie

I met Mr. Martin about fifteen years ago at the State Fair. Mr. Martin had a booth introducing people to the Owner Builder program. My first impression of Bill Martin was of someone I have known a lifetime. I had always thought building a home was an enormous, immense, huge, vast, gigantic, colossal endeavor. Mr. Martin explained some things then I realized that mountain was not that big and I took a breath before I hyperventilated.
During my project, there was a moment when everything became so surreal. My vision was coming together. Things I gave too much thought to, being apprehensive, am I doing this right, what do I do next, just breathe Jackie, “God and Bill Martin got this.”
The entire Owner Builder team was only a phone call away. Sometimes I would just show up in his office as if I paid rent there. The staff in the office kept me on track. I am still thanking God for Ashlin. The amount of money I was able to save kept a smile on my face. Towards the end of my project, the team asked me if I would do it again? I replied yes, give me a little time. Once again, I am preparing to do another project. I guess the team better get ”prayed up” for my return.
My home was completed with me having one of the best experiences of my life. I encourage anyone interested in building a home to have a talk with Mr. Bill Martin!

Jacqueline Burney

Excellent service with the highest quality work. They are truly committed to their clients and go above and beyond on their jobs. We are extremely pleased with our dream home that we built through the owner builder program. They provided us with guidance throughout the entire process and offered creative ideas when asked which really made the difference in our home. Drew and Bill were always readily available and easy to get in touch with. Again, their guidance was great. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to build a quality home through the owner builder program or Martin Signature Homes.

Josh Weir
Stonewall, LA

Bill and Drew Martin were great to work with. We built our house in 2018, and to say we were apprehensive is an understatement. Owner Builder made building easy, and they held our hand throughout the entire process. Our network of subs were reliable and easy to work with. We were able to save a substantial amount of money when all was said and done, without sacrificing any of our wants. I would recommend anyone thinking about building a home to consider visiting with Bill and Drew first. It is definitely not too good to be true!!

Brent Couvillion
Haughton, LA

Very professionally run company. Will guide you all the way through the construction of a new home, provides with great contractors whom are held accountable by owner builder, and most importantly saves you a lot of money along the way. Bill was available pretty much any time I needed him and if he wasn’t able to answer immediately he returned calls in a very prompt timeframe. If you’re looking to build a new home, save a lot of money, and be the guy making decisions with professional help along the way these are your guys!! Great man of God and these guys have great character. You won’t regret using them!! Just give them a call.

Cody Ball
Minden, LA

From the beginning to the end, Owner Builder is reliable! We already had our house plans so Mr. Bill helped us secure financing for our land and our construction loan with a local bank. He was very thorough in creating and explaining our budget – line by line – and made sure that our expenses were reasonable. He was always available and helpful! Anytime we needed something or had a question all we had to do was call or text. If either of us called and he didn’t immediately answer, we weren’t worried. He would send a text and say he would call me back when he was done with his task. And, true to his word, he always called me back. Anytime we had an issue it was resolved within 24 hours. Not only that, Ashlin was super HELPFUL! She made sure we stayed on budget so as not to go over. We were able to text, call, or email her and if she wasn’t sure, she would find out and get back to us the same day! Walking into Owner Builder is a unique experience. Bill greets you like you are family with a hug or a handshake (which ever makes you feel comfortable) and always ask you how you are doing or asks about something related to your life. Adding that personal touch magnifies the customer service experience! We have been done with our home for a year and we had one small issue. We weren’t sure how to handle so we called Mr. Bill and and he was there to help us get it resolved within a few hours. If we ever decide to build again, we WILL use Owner Builder!

Natashia Oh
Shreveport, LA

The experience of building…there is nothing like it!! Bill Martin was amazing in helping us fulfill our dream home!!! We had minor bumps through the process but Mr Bill was right on top of it. He was always a phone call away and very visible on site. I would recommend Owner Builder to anyone.

Kekere Ogun’
Shreveport, LA

Russ and I have always dreamed of building our own house, but without experience, we were not sure where to begin. The guidance from Owner Builder (Bill Martin) helped us achieve our dream and produce a quality home. I have enjoyed the process of building my own home. I have been able to be creative and customize our home to meet my family’s needs. At final appraisal, our equity position in this home is over 25%…that is a tremendous asset. The best part is being proud of the final product and enjoying our home the way we had always imagined!

Russ & Andrea Burlison
Chapel Creek

Before my wife and I started this process, the thought of building our own home and customizing it the way we wanted it seemed like a great idea. To our surprise, it was better than great. Our goal was to have a nice home at a reasonable price. Well, we met and surpassed our goal.

To have your own ideas come alive in a set of plans is amazing and we can’t wait until the finished product is ready to move in! During the process, we have experienced some ups and downs, but overall this is something we will always remember. Now we can say, “We built our own home.”

Owner Builder has prepared us to complete this task with little effort. The step-by-step handbook, with the guidance of Bill Martin and his team, has made it really easy. The only “hard” thing we had to do was make phone calls to subcontractors to explain what we wanted and how we wanted it. Also, we had to coordinate everything so each sub could be there at the right time. Now, how hard is that? Especially as we are on track to save $50,000-$60,000!

Cedric & Jackie Washington
1st Time Owner Builders | Cottage Ridge

We built our home in 99 days by using the ‘Owner Builder Program’ and were amazed at how fast our project was completed. Our personal time involved picking out what we wanted for the house and following the construction timeline given to us through the network.
We approached this project like it was a part time job for the two of us… a part time job that saved us over $79,000 in about 3 months. Yes, it was worth it!

The Harris Family
Oak Creek Ranch | Shreveport, LA

You don’t need any tools using the ‘Owner Builder Program.’ The subcontractors have all the necessary tools to perform the work we hired them to do. The only labor we did was the jobsite cleanup.

We built our home in 99 days by using the ‘Owner Builder Program’ and were amazed at how fast our project was completed. Our personal time involved picking out what we wanted for the house and following the construction timeline given to us through the network.

We approached this project like it was a part time job for the two of us… a part time job that saved us over $79,000 in about 3 months. Yes, it was worth it!

Ryan Trudnak
The Gardens at Southgate | Saved $36,210 | Bossier City, LA

We used the ‘Owner Builder Program’ and upon completion of our home we had saved over $80,000!

Chris & Kelly Farmer
Olde Oaks Subdivision | Saved $80,000 | Haughton, LA

The subcontractors in the ‘Owner Builder Program’ were so helpful in every facet of the process. They understood we were building our own home and helped us every step of the way.

Les & Patricia Brown
Windermere Estates | Saved $62,000 | Shreveport, LA

When I first signed on with Bill Martin to let him build my house, I was actually scared to do so. I was a single lady and not real sure what I was getting myself into. With Bill and the help of his team, I was guided every step of the way. They were always there for me and I never had to wonder if I would receive a call back. When I had concerns or needed questions answered, they were there for me. My home is gorgeous! I have absolutely no complaints about the process and would recommend Owner Builder to anyone.

Lisa Craft
Saved $53,600 | Norris Ferry Crossing