Customer Testimonials

Before my wife and I started this process, the thought of building our own home and customizing it the way we wanted it seemed like a great idea. To our surprise, it was better than great. Our goal was to have a nice home at a reasonable price. Well, we met and surpassed our goal.

To have your own ideas come alive in a set of plans is amazing and we can’t wait until the finished product is ready to move in! During the process, we have experienced some ups and downs, but overall this is something we will always remember. Now we can say, “We built our own home.”

Owner Builder has prepared us to complete this task with little effort. The step-by-step handbook, with the guidance of Bill Martin and his team, has made it really easy. The only “hard” thing we had to do was make phone calls to subcontractors to explain what we wanted and how we wanted it. Also, we had to coordinate everything so each sub could be there at the right time. Now, how hard is that? Especially as we are on track to save $50,000-$60,000!

Cedirc & Jackie Washington
1st Time Owner Builders
Cottage Ridge

You don’t need any tools using the ‘Owner Builder Program.’ The subcontractors have all the necessary tools to perform the work we hired them to do. The only labor we did was the jobsite cleanup.

Ryan Trudnak
The Gardens at Southgate
Saved $36,210
Bossier City, LA

We built our home in 99 days by using the ‘Owner Builder Program’ and were amazed at how fast our project was completed. Our personal time involved picking out what we wanted for the house and following the construction timeline given to us through the network.
We approached this project like it was a part time job for the two of us… a part time job that saved us over $79,000 in about 3 months. Yes, it was worth it!

Ryan Trudnak
The Gardens at Southgate
Saved $36,210
Bossier City, LA

We used the ‘Owner Builder Program’ and upon completion of our home we had saved over $80,000!

Chris & Kelly Farmer
Olde Oaks Subdivision
Saved $80,000
Haughton, LA

The subcontractors in the ‘Owner Builder Program’ were so helpful in every facet of the process. They understood we were building our own home and helped us every step of the way.

Les & Patricia Brown
Windermere Estates
Saved $62,000
Shreveport, LA

Russ and I have always dreamed of building our own house, but without experience, we were not sure where to begin. The guidance from Owner Builder (Bill Martin) helped us achieve our dream and produce a quality home. I have enjoyed the process of building my own home. I have been able to be creative and customize our home to meet my family’s needs. At nal appraisal, our equity position in this home is over 25%…that is a tremendous asset. The best part is being proud of the nal product and enjoying our home the way we had always imagined!

Russ & Andrea Burlison
Chapel Creek

When I first signed on with Bill Martin to let him build my house, I was actually scared to do so. I was a single lady and not real sure what I was getting myself into. With Bill and the help of his team, I was guided every step of the way. They were always there for me and I never had to wonder if I would receive a call back. When I had concerns or needed questions answered, they were there for me. My home is gorgeous! I have absolutely no complaints about the process and would recommend Owner Builder to anyone.

Lisa Craft
Saved $53,600
Norris Ferry Crossing